Andrew Wasley is an award-winning investigative journalist specialising in food & environment issues

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Swimming in superbugs: MRSA and E coli found in British rivers

UK rivers near livestock farms are awash with superbugs and antibiotic residues, including in the idyllic River Wye, research by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found.
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'One thing I've learned about modern farming – we shouldn't do it like this'

We were in a strip of forest, along a single-track road, making our way towards a huge industrial farm. A vast lake - actually a waste lagoon - stretched out in front of us. The bodies of dead pigs and the detritus of industrial farming were everywhere.
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Fear of meat scandal as data shows hygiene breaches at half of UK plants

The scale of food safety and hygiene problems in meat plants around much of the UK is revealed by new analysis showing more than half of all audited plants have had at least one “major” breach in the last three years. Inspection figures from the FSA reveal there were on average 16 major plant safety infractions every week
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