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Brazil's meat giants

Record number of fires rage around Amazon farms that supply the world's biggest butchers

The summer’s Amazon fires were three times more common in the areas supplying cattle to abattoirs than elsewhere in the rainforest.
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Amazon aflame: What we've learnt in a year reporting on Brazilian beef and the rainforest

The fires that have swept through the Amazon rainforest are a direct result of beef consumption in Europe and around the world, as documented by the Bureau in a series of investigations throughout this year.
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Meat multinationals 'jeopardising Paris climate goals'

Meat companies may be “putting the implementation of the Paris agreement in jeopardy”, according to a groundbreaking index.
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Farm pollution

Farmers on the frontline of Poland's fracking rush

Chris Faulkner is an oil man. From Dallas, Texas. And his company, Breitling Oil and Gas, is a major player in the burgeoning shale gas sector. Faulkner is in London to give a presentation on whether Europe is the next shale gas hotspot, and to ask whether – if so – it has the necessary infrastructure to cope with a US style 'dash for gas'.
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Chemical warfare

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